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Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
Is that right? Care to back up your claim with any facts or numbers? I'll even take a Car Magazine clip out. Just Photoshop something ... at least make it look like you're trying to make a coherent claim.
In the past, enthusiasts loved the 3 Series because it was a small, tight, powerful car in its base configuration.

Today, the 3 Series is a large, soft, comfortable car with no sport features in its base configuration. Less than 5% of all 3 Series sold have any sport packages on them. Do the math.

As for enthusiast magazines, they exist for one reason: To sell magazines.

Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
They do? Again, please point me to any factual information or BMW market survey or field study of some sort to back this up. I'm all ears.
The factual information is what's being built in Germany. The car itself speaks its intentions. If the car were being made for enthusiasts, it would be getting smaller, tighter, and less soft. Instead, it does the opposite. Not like some 25 year old junior designer drew up the F30 and BMW just ran with it. They spend millions on market research and study millions of datapoints of actual owners. The car is bigger, softer, and more 'comfortable' because that's what the customer said it wanted. Otherwise, the car would be different. It's not.

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