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Originally Posted by Kar Don View Post
I remember threads where you knocked the F10 saying its too soft and bubbly or something to that effect. Are you sure you want the f10?
I've always really loved the F10 but yeah when discussing it VS the E Class I'd look fore some flaws in it. I think with M Sport it adds a sharper presence. My biggest issue with the design is the front. IMO it lacks some of the arresting quality's of the E's front being so flat and kind of upright, though with a black grille I find it really can have some presence. However the F10 has one of the nicest rears out their IMO.

I went to a dealer today and looked at one. The interior really shames the E's big time, as does the tech and engineering. However the Dakota leather doesn't feel any more high quality than my MB Tex. Overall the 535 really does come off as a much more expensive and coddling and dynamic car than the E.. As it should since it literally costs more than even my loaded E.

The 6 series next to it was really tugging at the strings though. However the 5 is such a balanced design of both slick sportiness and stateliness combined.

On another note. 95% of the 2013 F10's there were NOT M Sports. Seems all the 528 mass models still are sans Sport.
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