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Originally Posted by greco2000 View Post
I will change my pan and oil when the time comes. I did it with my 7 series and didnt regret it. I changed mine at 150,000 KM.

I couldnt believe the cost of the oil! I think I spent $175 on the oil alone. The guy at the dealership calls it "liquid gold"!! Its under lock and key at the dealership!
As for the filter, when I realized that BMW uses a paper filter, not a chain or other type, it leads me to believe that there is no way fluid and a paper filter can last the lifetime of the vehicle.... maybe the lifespan of when you actually own the car!.

Im only at 50,000 right now, but when I get there, if I still own the car, I will definitely change it.
I have 6ltrs of the oil (which they decanted out of a 20 gallon barrel) and paid nearly 180 and 200+ for the transmission pan and the mechtranic sleeve, now that is the dealer steal of the year, and guess what they sit in my garage because I sold my 6 before I did the work, I know it will all fit other BMW models but not sure which ones! I was told by a dealer parts department that they have transmission pans cracking on a range of cars...........

Always said I would go back to a 6 series
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