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Originally Posted by Anonimac View Post
This is definitely a very valid consideration if true. Does anyone else have any experience with this so we can gather more data points? Does the front look as bad as the back stock as far as gap? i.e. is it as "necessary" to do in the front?
The front gap is not as "bad" as the stock rear wheel gap. I do think you can easily get away with not spacing the front. The many pictures I have on the first link should give you a good idea of the look.

Originally Posted by Turo37765 View Post
I also am looking into this mod.. Thinking 15mm Rear & 5 mm front... As the front is already about 5+mm more than the rear.. Any comments on my idea.?
Some sites don't recommend using a spacer less than 12.5mm on any wheels. They claim that it won't sit flush on the BMW hub. I know Burger says that 10mm would work just fine. 5mm spacers may work; however, I would not recommend it. It would take away from the factory hub lip. Notice my 15mm spacer has its own lip, just like the OEM BMW hub. The 5mm spacer would not have this, and would take away from the current OEM lip.

Originally Posted by Anonimac View Post
So I will likely have the 356 style wheels on my F10 so i'm not sure if this has any impact on this mod. The rear tire is now slightly wider (9 vs. 8.5), but i'm not sure it changes anything for the wheel spacer needed. Can anyone with insight comment?
My current OEM wheels are 9" on the rear. To answer your question - no, the 356 wheels will not have any negative impact on your mod. It should look awesome .

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