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Personally after 54 years of driving up to & including a front engine dragster I think the "its to much car as compared to what you are used to" is just silly. Any new car will drive differently then the one you are driving now. You just drive it, get used to it then work up to its & your capabilities. Working up a new car is part of the fun of ownership especially the big smile you get after learning something new about the car.

Back to the OP's question. I have both turbo & non turbo 3 series, as Calwaterboy said it's the same basic engine. If you are not interested in 0-60 vs. a 335 you will be very happy with the 328. Its quick, agile & fun to drive. My 2004 has 100K+ miles on it with about $1000+ out of pocket in maintenance expense (I do my own work) not counting tires. Both the newer 3 series are still on the factory deal but nothing outside of oil changes etc. has been done to them even though the 335is has had a modified engine for over 12K miles.

Part of the enjoyment of a car is not worrying about the monthly bill so go with what you can afford & enjoy the ride.

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