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Originally Posted by SD Z4MR View Post
Both my wife's 2011 335is and my 2006 Z4 M Roadster behave the same way. We noticed this when the 335is was brand new (although not with the European nozzles). When I fill the M Roadster I squeeze the nozzle, engage the hold-open clip, and then grab the rubber hose where it enters the nozzle and hold it up. This works every time.

BTW, BMW is not the only manufacturer with this problem. Try Googling "gas nozzle". It will auto-suggest "gas nozzle keeps shutting off". Select that and you'll find complaints from owners of many different makes and models.

P.S. There is no reason why leaving the key in the fob would make any difference whatsoever. This is called "superstitious behavior", when a particular action apparently achieves a particular result, so it's believed that the result is achieved only by that action, even though the two are completely unrelated. It's probably just coincidental.
I highly doubt a FOB would cause it. I always leave it in. In the summer its less of an issue, sometimes maybe trips once. Now since its colder, I cannot let it go. The station employee thought I was forcing gas in after it tripped more than 10 times as i kept trying to fill it. Would this be a cause for me to bring it in? If this is normal behavior (and I believe it shouldnt be) then they will just tell me to go home lol.

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