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1996 E38 740i Not Starting

Hello All, This is my initial newcomer posting on Bimmerfest copied & pasted to the 7 forum.

To start I was a Very Happy driver of a 1996 manufactured E38 740i residing in the Johannesburg area of South Africa. I am working in Ghana & keep this car for when I come home on leave four times a year. Unfortunately due to not being able to start my car I have not been able to use it this time & have resorted to using a spare 316 although it gets me from A to B it is "Not" in the fashion that I have become accustomed to.

To cut a story short I have landed at Bimmerfest & become a new member due to searching for a solution to fix my not starting problem. Big

The symptoms are that the starter does not engage & there are no gear selection lights illuminating. Only the "S" illuminates when the Sport Position is selected. The Starter turns the engine when the Solenoid is energized but does not start.

To reflect on the onslaught of the problem my son was driving this car when he says that it suddenly died on him.

I have read plenty of the posted remedies given to guys who have cars with similar problems & have established that there is "No Power" being delivered to the Transmission Position Switch.

I have a reasonable understanding of basic systems & circuits & have checked all of the simplicities being fuses & relays.

I have been searching endlessly for a source where I can download Electrical Schematics but the best I have come up with is a complete Manual which is very poorly copied into PDF format which has split pages which ironically are the ones I require. The other schematics I downloaded are perfect but are for a 95 model with a M60 4.0litre engine. I have bought CDs on eBay in the UK but most of these guys do not post directly to us especially in Africa. My daughter has posted them on but this doesn't help at present, not only that the cost of searching & downloading is mounting up. I have not been able to locate a download, only CDs & Hard Copies.

I am at present downloading the 7 Series Manual from eMANUAL

Correct drawings for my particular model will be greatly appreciated which will allow me to trace where the dead wires should get their power from, & of course send to.

I would be grateful to anybody who can throw some light on my predicament,

Cheers Clive.
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