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Originally Posted by Decboy View Post
In my experience, sometimes when you rush to get a car to get in on a last minute deal, you may end up regretting the lack of options/features on that car. Even though it's a lease, you'll be stuck with it for 3 years. K-A, you mentioned the F10s in your local dealers don't have SAT w/paddle shifters and you want the shifters. At this point, you will be stuck with getting whatever inventory is left at dealer lots in order to get in on any year end deals. Since the 24 special lease is not available at your local dealers and you are in no rush to get an F10, you might just wait a bit. In this economy, car manufacturers will find ways to attract buyers. Who knows, there may be a New Year Deal coming in January, aka New Years Resolutions get into a new BMW. My point is to make sure you are happy with the features/options with that car. Otherwise, you may want to get rid of the car before the lease is up and wipe out any deals you got on it.
I agree. If the price and equipment is right, then I'm pretty good on it. If not, then I'll just keep thinking of what my "perfect car" is. Might be the F10? Might not be, for now I'll let "price" be my fate.

The equipment the car I sat in yesterday was more than enough for me.... just can't do without the paddles. Sitting in a well equipped F10 feels like a spaceship coming out of a well equipped E-Class.... save for a few areas where the M-B pulls ahead. That says a lot.
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