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Well I said I was confused, so off on the back of the tow truck it goes to my local BMW repair shop. He put the code reader on told me about the leaking rocker cover gasket, cleared all the codes in the system and she started no problem. He then relived me of four hundred dollars including the replacement rocker cover gasket. Total cost of repair including fuel pump, gasket, tow job, just short of $700.
I had prior used a friends laptop which did show up 2 codes that we cleared. However the BMW man obviously had the right tool for the right job.
He showed me all the codes , transmission fault, fuel system fault, AC fault, engine fault and on it went.
One piece of advice he gave me was when working on the car take the key out of the ignition and leave it on the floor until you completely finish the job you are doing . Especially the electronics side of things. According to him if you have removed say ignition coil 1 and have turned the key back on with the coil removed it will trigger a fault code, that code will stay within the system when you start the car again.
I would love to have that one confirmed or not?
Knowledge learn't here was to do the job properly you do need the right tools, As Fast Bob said at the very begining of this thread, "get the codes read" I will just add with the right tools. Remember I used a friends laptop but obviously not the proper programme.
The best part is that the car goes now, the wife loves her E46 and I might be in line for a late but expensive xmas present!

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