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2000 740i Fires, revs to 2k and dies; No Codes.

Hi all, new poster and former lurker here, wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one. The title says it all, but I will give the full story here as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I picked this car up as a no-start. I was told it had bad timing guides. It was exhibiting roughly the same symptoms it is now, with the addition of the timing chain noise. It starts, revs up to about 2k RPM, and then dies. It's smokey. First thing I did was replace the fuel pump and filter, and pressure at the rail is at the high end of spec (53 psi). The car fires -- there is fuel and spark. I got around 100 psi of compression all the way around on a dry test on a cold engine. There are no codes in INPA. It should start, right? Why won't it?

I tore down the motor and replaced the head gaskets and other seals, and replaced the timing guides. I put some oil down the bore during reassembly.

I did not disassemble the intake manifold. I just replaced the orange seals underneath that mate against the heads. Also, two of the metal sleeve seals underneath fell out. I didn't know what they were at the time, so they are still out ("spare parts").

It also might be worth noting that I deleted the engine adaptation values in INPA before I did all the work (d'oh).

I cleaned the MAF. Unplugging it made no difference (possibly because there are no adaptation values for the DME to fall back on, because I cleared them.) There was a small tear in the intake boot, which I was able to cleanly plug up with bumper repair epoxy -- to no effect.

I am lost. Help? When I get a chance, my next idea is to reseal the intake manifold and boot / MAF parts, and replace the crankcase ventilation valve and inspect / reseal the pipe. I am also considering a clogged cat; I'm going to try starting it with the upstream o2 sensors unplugged.

Also, how should I be cranking this thing? How long? Gas pedal down?

Thanks in advance. Happy new year to all.
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