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Originally Posted by gbirkemeier View Post
So it is a "fit and finish" issue mostly, or do the cat back systems like the Remus or SuperSprint sound better than a Magnaflow muffler? I can get a Magnaflow that has the right size flange and twin output for about $215 (it was $150 just a few month ago) and I figure $100 to have it installed.
The Cat back systems I have seen mentioned on the forum seem to be $600-$1000. For me that is a big difference, but I don't want to just be cheap. If there really is a significant diffrence in sound quality or performance, I will just keep saving for a bit longer.
I would be interested to know which Magnaflow you found that is a complete axle-back system of flange, pipe and muffler that bolts onto the Z3 6-cylinder, for only $215. I did find one here for $628:

That is what I paid for the Supersprint on my 1.9L, and a shop did put the Supersprint on for $100.

Finding that Magnaflow axle back did surprise me, because I thought the Magnaflows were universal mufflers of various sizes and either round or oval, that need to have pipes, flanges and hangers custom made and welded to them at great labor cost. I think their muffler flow is straight-through, not tuned for a particular car, and has a sound that is rather loud and deep and continuous.

The other factory-made cat-back systems like Supersprint, Anza, Borla, Abarth etc may sound better, as I think they are tuned to the number of cylinders (pulses) and make specific and varied sounds and intensities at different loads and rpms.
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