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Originally Posted by Dpcom View Post
12-27-12, thanks for the tip "time to find another dealer", I've already lined up another dealer before I even left this bad news outfit... This AM I dip stick checked the oil level, I have no confidence in this dealer at all. As suspected 1qt low, the work order even stated 7 qts instead of 8 qts,,, ... Now I'm wondering if they put in the required oil for a diesel or is the gas engine oil change 7 qts and they put in the correct oil quantity for the gas engine instead. It's not like they change oil in a diesel every day...the paper work order shows the correct oil but I have a funny feeling its for the gas engine instead I wish I knew what the fill - quantity is for the gas 6 cyl engine the owners manual is silent here. does anyone one know specifically what the gas engine full oil quanty is?? how does one find that out?? and what harm if any would occur using the gas engine oil in the Diesel engine if any harm or is just a matter of keeping the smog control devices in good shape this car has already had the service engine light come on at 4000 miles dealer checked it out and said it was a dirty DEF filter ??? and has used 1 qt of oil in 6400 miles dealer said it happens not to worry !!!
The oil fill for a gas engine is near enough 7 quarts.

But using a quart over 6400 miles would not raise any eyebrows.
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