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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
This is a typical troll question - so - I'll be brief.

If your engine was designed for, say, 91 AKI, and if it's running properly (i.e., timing, exhaust gas recirc, cooling, compression, etc.), and if you're not lugging the engine or towing trailers up steep hills ... then ... it's IMPOSSIBLE to get better anything (i.e., performance, mpg, power, etc.) using a higher octane rated fuel than what the engine was designed for. Period.

Don't argue with me. Just read the references as this is extremely well documented and very well known by all but the youngest kids out there.
Take it easy on the newbies, Bee. You've been a great asset around here for a long time and I know it's difficult to remember what it was like starting out. Try to brush away the cynicism and remember that sometimes a question is just a question.
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