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Originally Posted by jwanes View Post
I recently purchased a 2009 750i and I have a few questions questions:

1) The engine seems to take a long time (30 minutes) to come to operating temperature, with an outside temperature close to or below freezing in city driving. Is this normal? My Cadillac get to temperature within 10 minutes.

2) during this warm up period, the engine runs rough during hard acceleration. It is OK when driving gently. It seems to smooth out when the car reaches the operating temperature. Have other owners experienced this?

3) Often, to put my car in the garage I have to move other cars parked in front of the garage door. To do this I keep the BMW running while I use the key on the key-chain containing the FOB to drive the other car. During this time the FOB is in the other car away from the BMW. The BMW remains running and I am able to drive it into the garage. The dashboard displays a warning saying that I can't start the car without the key FOB but it allows the car to run and be driven. The distance between the car and the key FOB could be 60-80 feet.

My question is, would the car turn off if this distance is increased, say if you or someone else drives off? What is that distance?

1) BMW's operating temp is about 220-250F which is WAY higher than your typical car! I'm willing to bet your cadillac is more like 210F. This not only takes longer to get up to, but is bad for all the little rubber seals and such in the car. Us E65/66 owners are learning of this now and are figuring out why so many gaskets and such are failing.

2) I can't really comment on the roughness, but I imagine it's due to the oil and such not being up to full temp and the car stumbling due to it.

3) This is a double edged sword as far as safety and connivence go. If you loose your keys and the car is still running, you can still drive around and find your keys fairly quickly. However the bad thing is that once the car is running, it'll stay running! That means that if it's stolen or your are car-jacked the car will continue to drive away! However once it's off it's off.
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