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Originally Posted by ttaylo036 View Post
Hello Mr. Roberto!!

I'm back My progress has not been progressed since our last conversation. You mention the batterys fusible link, could this be my problem.

To recap:
I bought a new siver DME from Bavarian for my car, no change
My car cranks, gets spark, will not start.
Is it possible that I need a crank case sensor?
Hello Taylor,

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about you like less than 24 hours ago.

A silver DME will not work if your car's problem is the EW2. You must read through the first post in this thread, as well as the interlinked website in that post, very carefully.

To recap.

How EWS2 works.

1. There is a device called an immobiliser system on the car. This is separate from the ECU. Lets call this EWS2.
2. On cars with EWS2, the ecu is trained to expect authentication from the EWS2, before proceeding to start the car. This authentication is generated when the correct key is inserted into the ignition of an ews2 equipped car, with a working ews2 system.
3. IF the EWS2 system itself is busted, it will not send the authentication signal to the ecu even if the correct key is used. The ecu will not start the car.
4. The ews2 delete procedure thus cannot stop at merely bypassing the EWS2 system. We have to do something to the Ecu itself as well. It is thus, a 2 stage fix.
5. After the EWS2 system is bypassed, you need to EITHER swop your ecu with a red-label m50 vanos ecu (these ecus came WITHOUT the need for ews authentication, and are identical to the later cars in all other respects), OR you need to purchase an EWS DELETE chip from ebay and swop out the existing chip on your CURRENT SILVER label ecu.

6. Buying an ews delete chip is my personal favourite as these chips also come with boosted fuel/air maps (doublecheck with the seller before making the purchase). Therefore you turn an expensive repair into an upgrade as well, which is nice even if it cost a little more money and time.

So, not only will you delete the ecu's ews authentication function, you will boost your car's performance. Remember, the car was built in an era to function normally for the worst standard fuel of the day. Such low grade fuel is no longer common, and so the gas that is one grade up can truly take advantage of the new fuel/air map in your delete chip. Such chips usually require you to use fuel with higher octane numbers than the stock chips were designed for. Our car did not come with octane rating detectors stock and so the stock ecus do not have multiple maps available for it to switch depending on which type of gas is being used.

Please read the first post very slowly.

If you can't get a full refund for your the silver dme that you just purchased, or you can't exchange it for free with a red label dme SPECIFIC TO YOUR ENGINE (just remembered that you're not running a 525), then try to find an ews2 delete chip with boosted maps on ebay. They go for something like $40 shipped. You need to do alot of googling, alot of calling up shops, and it would probably work better if you brought this situation to the correct forum for your car as people would be able to direct you to places quickly.

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