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Keys wont start car

Hi everyone. New member and having problem with my keys. Usually do all my own work on my cars and this problem I cant solve and cant figure out how to troubleshoot it. So here is the story. I have a 2000 323i with 140k . One of the original keys quit working about a year ago. When I say it quit working the FOB will still lock/unlock the doors open the trunk, but when you try to start the car all the lights on the dash come on but it will not even turn over. Started using my spare and all worked fine until recently. Now the spare key is doing the same thing. It will lock/unlock door and open trunk but wont start car. I have the small black plastic like key (this key does not have the remote doors or trunk) that came with the car and it will start the car fine. So I am not sure if both keys have gone bad or if it is something else with the EWS. The dealer here checked keys and said both were good. I dont understand how the one black key can start the car but the two with the remote entry wont, especially when dealer says they are good. I guess there is some type of ring around the key ignition for the ews but cant find a lot of info on it. If it is the EWS controller then why does the black key work. I am confused on how to troubleshoot what the problem is and dont wont to spend $200 on a new key for no reason. Please help and thanks for any info provided in advance. Dave
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