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I live in the Bay Area too and actually hate Priuses as well but actually for the opposite reason. My experience with them has usually been being TAILGATED by them in almost every situation you can think of including the fast lane on the highway. There have been times when I'm doing 80 and look to see what's behind me and here's what supposed to be an economy car using what has to be ALL of it's power to ride my bumper. I've got the feeling that many of their owners feel they can do whatever they want including driving it in a way that's not very "green" at all. I agree with the other statements as well...the car seems to be used as a "look how green I am" fashion accessory at least around here. I've got to say I don't generally buy into a certain kind of car owner being total ass hat drivers but my experience with Prius drivers is easily that 95% of the time.


Originally Posted by av98 View Post
WTF, why did they release a whole family of these POS cars to block more lanes on the road.

It must have been block the fastlane with Priuses in the Bay Area, then drive as slow as you can day today. I think I ran into every model and version ever released. Annoyingly none of them drove above 70 mph on the fast lane.


Thank God I was driving my tiny little MR2 today which can pretty much fit in lots of tiny spaces to get around these annoying cars. I miss the days when Toyota actually made sports cars. Not POS Camry SE's. Aaaarrrggghhhh.....

Sorry for the rant, now I feel better.
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