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Originally Posted by mateforrest View Post
Hello I'm going to buy a extended information cluster for a good price. 6WA option

The seller told me that the mileage is not stored in the kombi, and he tell me that this data is taken from the car.

This KOMBI has 13k Kilometers and mine has 38k.

Could I retrofit it without the help of the dealer? Only with my enet cable.

Where is the immobility device? Inside cluster like VAG's?

Shawn any advice?

My car has actuality the daten 47,5 and I have in the HUD the multimedia and telephone information.
Could I upgrade this KOMBI once installed to enable this features?
Any time I will go to the dealer I will need to instal my old Kombi and after change again?

Thanks in advance to all for the help.

Yes, my advice is that if you can get a 6WA Instrument Cluster cheap, do it. If you have to pay full price, go with 6WB.

Based on what I know about BimmerTech's 6WB Retrofit, which I am pretty sure the same also applies to going from the Basic Instrument Cluster to 6WA:

* It would need some coding (Presumably 6WA in VO, and VO Code KOMBI and HU_CIC - If Pre 03/2011 build, the Production Date would need to be changed) - E-Sys and ENET Cable is all that is needed.
* If you car currently does not have Eco PRO or Sport Modes, those displays will not appear
* The mileage will be identical to the your original unit
* You can swap units and the units will always show the correct mileage
* You need to swap the units before you go to your dealer for a service that requires a software update
* It is a 5 min job to change Instrument Clusters

As for the Entertainment List, Incoming and Outgoing Calls, Recent Call List, and Voice Recognition, if you have 6WA KOMBI with 47.x or higher firmware on it, you should get those features in your HUD after coding them.

NOTE: This assumes a Brand New never used KOMBI. A used KOMBI will have original car's VIN programmed in it, and I do not know how to change it, so this will be a problem and the mileage will not update.

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