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Originally Posted by BMR_LVR View Post
Key in position 2 should not energize the pump continuously. In fact, from what my very dependable and competent independent mechanic told me (along with my experiment on this very issue on my E36), the only time the fuel pump is energized is upon turning the key to position 3 to crank the engine.
If the fuel pump only runs when cranking at key3, how could the engine run after it starts up and you are back at key2 ? Can you remember how you conducted the test on your E36 ?

I have checked it out on my car and there is current at the fp's connector in the trunk when at key2. The current disappears when the relay is pulled, but reappears when the relay sockets are jumped, which means that the pump keeps running whether the key is in the car or not. I had to drive for around 10 miles once, many moons ago, with a jumped fuel relay socket, and each time I shut off the engine I had to remove the jumped relay wires to prevent the battery from being drained down, and replace them when I wanted to drive again. Gosh that was not a nice 2 days.


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