Thread: Z3 Roadster (E36/7) Going through gas way to fast.
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Originally Posted by Jortiz96 View Post
... i finally filled up my tank, i went 214 miles on 10 gallons. And it is an automatic...
That 21.4 mpg might not be unusual if an automatic is driven on short hops or on aggressive-traffic commutes in cold weather in mixed city and suburban traffic on winter blend gas.

The first dealer fill up of my manual 1.9 was in November, and after gentle driving on 10-mile trips in suburbs and rural roads,when I filled up the car got 25.4 mpg.

After changing the plugs and putting in my favorite 93 octane gas, with gentle driving on 15-miles mixed suburban/rural trips, the mpg rose to 27.
I choose my driving routes for pleasure (easy joy rides out of traffic), and drive gently (old guy).

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