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tempature gauge spikes up

i have been having a problem with my car. i recently replaced the intake boot since it was cracked, well to be honest it was missing a big chunk. i replace the intake boot and i ran it about 15-20 miles and i see the temperature gauge spike up to the red well i turn on the heater and made it home. well i check the coolant and it needed some so i filled it. started the car til it warmed up and since it was at normal temperature(1/2 / noon) i went for a drive first at slow speed then i went on the freeway well i was just getting on when the temperature spiked again up to 3/4 once again turned on the heater and as quick as it went up it came down to 1/2. im not sure what to do now? is it really overheating? i had it on for over 30min just parked, drove about another 20min at slow speed without a problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

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