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Little updated: I stop by at the dealer and the recall was a little plastic cover that goes somewhere on the battery lead and sometimes heated up and cought on fire. So that definitely had nothing to do with my problem....
Well this morning the problem showed up again... and lucky enough I was home so I took my electric tester and I checked for voltage first I checked the cigarrete port an I read 7.5volts.. strange then I open the trunk and I check directly to the battery and it was 7.9.. so like I said these problem only last for 10-15 minutes tops... well I left the car running for about that time while the I-drive was off and all these faulty codes on the dashboard.. when the power came back and everything was working again I retested the voltage and I got 14.2 volts.. so its a faulty alternator .micro power module. Or the damn i-drive? I'll keep update hopefully with the solution and the problem fix
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