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Originally Posted by MonkeyCMonkeyDo View Post
A couple things. It says you are in the Bay Area. It might be worth a train ride down to Santa Barbara to pick up a car from Jon Shafer (founder of this website) if not simply to have a great weekend and a pain free buying process. If not then you have another couple battles to go with this dealership.
So I sent him an email yesterday and as I was responding here he replied. He gave me an awesome offer. Amazing. I think I'm going to drop the order from the CA I've been working with. I've heard too many good things about Jon to pass the opportunity up.

Originally Posted by MonkeyCMonkeyDo View Post
First if they are marking up the full 4 points then there is no need to also mark up acq fee. Fight them hard on that one. In reality they shouldn't be marking up more than 2 points. At this point they are getting almost 1100 in profit from the markup and another 200 in acq fee. They may be hiding fees by grouping them but in california the most they can charge for doc fee is 80 yet they show 100 in your example. What does the car show on BMW config for invoice price? It should match his example minus maco and training. If not then he is bending you over a 3rd time.

You can get a much better deal by walking from this dealership.
The invoice price they showed me was what I saw on BMW Config + MACO/training. I think you're right about walking away

Originally Posted by cchrisv View Post
Find a better deal with one of the sponsors

1.) You are paying way over invoice. They screwed up your 1st order. They should be giving you a good price to make up for it
2.) They are marking up the MF
3.) They are marking up the Acquisition Fee

You are in Cali. There is no reason not to contact one of the many CA board sponsors. You'll get a better deal and they will get your order correct without having to fight. You can reach John the founder of the website and a CA in Santa Barbara, CA @ 1.805.303.6004. You'll be surprised how amazing a car buying experience can be.

I love how you are paying a ton of money for MSDs just to burn through their markup,lol
You're right. And actually, from what it seems like from reading all of your responses, the maximum they can go up on the buy rate is 40 points. The initial MF I was quoted before I found out the car was misordered was 0.00174, a full 0.00049 up on the buy rate. The more I think about it the more I'm realizing how much they were actually screwing with me. Thanks for the tip. I think I'm gonna go with Jon.
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