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Originally Posted by K-A View Post
Lol, true that. She keeps saying "don't get a BMW".... in fact all my friends do because unfortunately "BMW" is associated with "d-bags" to them. I told her "Mercedes" just doesn't have the novelty to me that it did before and it doesn't feel "cool" for me to have one anymore. IMO BMW just feels more "me" these days, maybe it's an early mid-life crisis as I turned 30 to have something that makes me feel younger .

What's funny is there are "BMW girls" and "Mercedes girls". Girls who like Mercedes like it for the prestige associated with it, and girls who like BMW like it because it's sexier and fresher than Mercedes in perception (which Audi is now starting to gain on a bit). In my girlfriends case, she could care less about cars, but I think she just has a negative perception toward BMW(drivers) and attaches a higher "prestige ratio" with Mercedes therefore is worried that after the newness wears off I'll be regretting my switch (to pay more for a BMW).
My wife had 2 Audi before she traded it for her BMW. Before she bought her 3 series, she also looked at the 2011 Mercedes C300 sport because she likes the badge and the front end bing. After test driving both, she said there was no comparison, the C-class drove worst than her 2010 A4. Your girl friend is correct that there are a lot of bad BMW drivers out there, thats simply because they are younger, more Mercedes drivers are in their retirement age and barely go over the speed limit Mercedes in my opinion were never the cool car, its a safe pick, much like a rich man's Toyota. Nothing personal, but I feel that when one doesnt know much about cars or if one did not do their homework, they pick a Mercedes simply because of the name and its the easy choice.
You are 30 years old and you are driving a Mercedes? You are way too young for that car
The few of the females I know that drive BMW usually like to have fun, they know their cars somewhat and do not see a car as just a form of transportation. Females who like Mercedes just wants other people to know they are rich and couldnt care less about perforamnce, engineering and driving dynamics.
To be honest, I dont think I have even known any BMW owners who regret their purchase. The F10 is probably one of the best sport sedan I have ever driven in this price range. Its as solid as a S-class and has the best balance between comfort and performance.
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