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Originally Posted by Golfster View Post
KA, You'll be missed in the 212 forum. Without you there, it's pretty much the same old "0-60, staggered tires versus I KNOW TIRES, AMG badge and Sprintbooster" posts. The 212 is a good car, but no doubt the F10 5 series is very worthy of consideration. It is on my short list, too. And this forum seems friendly and sincere with an interest in sharing knowledge about the cars and brand.

Word of caution though. It seems making fun of Audi and MB owners is OK, but Cadillac owners are to be left alone!

Good to see you and good luck with what ever you select!!
Thank you good sir! There are lots of great personalities like yourself on the W212 boards, but yeah, there's a lack of that fire-y "passion" in an overall sense that we see here. I feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb in the W212 boards and would probably fit right in here.

This seems to be a great forum and seems like people don't get derided for loving their car TOO MUCH if you know what I mean, lol.

I will definitely be eventually sticking around the W212 forum regardless of what car I get though!
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