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Originally Posted by bmwexecutive View Post
This has been discussed ad [nauseum].
...and then some. Yet one key fact is repeatedly omitted: The break-in period is for the car, not just the engine.

Everything needs mileage to wear in properly: Bearings, transmission components, differential(s), CV joints, brakes and on and on. It pays dividends in the long run, in the form of smoother performance for a longer lifetime than if you just thrash the car from Day One. Plenty of people argue otherwise, often vehemently, because there is no denying the differences are small. But hop into two cars with 150K-200K on the clock, one of which was properly run-in and another that was not, and run them through a few gears up to redline--you will know immediately which one had a proper break-in.

Follow the break-in procedure in the manual. It doesn't take long and it's worth it.

(BTW, machinery is not alive and does not "heal." Minor excesses during break-in cannot be undone but they do no serious harm, either. Just don't make a habit of it.)
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