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On my transmission, the refill plug is on the passenger side rear just above the pan. If you level the car it will take more fluid vs. if you level the pan.

I just checked the BMW Service Information Bulletin for Transmission Fluid Level Checking dated Sept 2001. It is applicable to all ZF & GM transmissions and it states that "the vehicle must be level".....

This is the order for vehicles without a dipstick:
1. Trans must be between 30-50 deg C.
2. Vehicle must be level. Switch on AC to increase engine speed ensuring that all passages in the trans are filled.
3. Apply brakes firmly and move gear selector through each gear, pausing briefly at each gear.
4. With engine running and gear selector in park, remove fill plug. If small amount of fluid flows out, level is correct.
5. If no fluid runs out, fluid is too low. Add fluid until it starts to overflow.
6. With engine running, re-install fill plug and tighten to proper torque.

It also has diagrams of all the transmission fill and drain plugs. It looks as though they are located all over the place dependent upon the model.

It also says that when doing repairs that you should collect all lifetime fluids in a clean container and then reuse. This is one thing I wouldn't and did not do. Only new ESSO LT71141 for me!!

Hope this helps more than confuses......

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