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Originally Posted by berkeley223 View Post
Hi all---I picked up my new 328i yesterday and like it lots. I've got a question about doing something that should be simple but I can't seem to find out the answer. If I am listening to the Sat radio, say channel 100, and I want to change the station up or down to 99 or 101, how the heck do I do that without using the wheel/menu on the display? The toggle on the steering wheel only lets you cycle thru the stations on a category, but if I am listening to station that is in a different category that doesn't do it for me. And the arrow buttons at the end of the preset buttons also don't do what I want. It can't be that this is not possible? I could do this in my 2008 335i no problem using the steering wheel up/down buttons.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
That can be done by using the iDrive screen to call up satellite radio and use the iDrive controller to scroll through the stations numerically.

Most of us use the Presets function to store all of the satellite and terrestrial radio stations that we like in sequential order, this way when you use the steering wheel controls it brings them up precisely how you want it. iDrive can store 40 Presets from all bands mixed together (AM, FM, SAT, HD) and its quite convenient.

Additionally, if you program just one of the 1-8 buttons to a station on your Presets list, you get one touch access to that list and use up only one of your 1-8 function buttons.


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