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Need advice on 2013 BMW 328i Xdrive.

First off if I'm in the wrong area for this then I apologize. Right now I'm deciding between a 2013 BMW 328i Xdrive or a 2013 V6 Honda Accord EX-L with Nav. Now I know what your thinking "how can you compare a BMW to a Honda?" Well I'm not sure how but I am. What concerns me about the BMW is that replacement parts will cost more. I'm wondering what are issues with the 2013 BMW 328i X drive, and your opinion on what I should be looking for. Also I have heard that this car is Premium Gas only ? (need clarification) I have drove a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6 and it's more roomy then the BMW. I drove two BMWs and I have to say it's fun to drive with a very smooth transmission and I love the cold weather package. The only major differences are that the BMW is $10,000 more, and the gas mileage is a little better. What do you think ? And what are issues that you have experienced with them ?

Thanks in advance.
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