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passed !

I replaced the cracked rubber part. It costed about $60. I bought a cracked hose but I wasn't able to replace it because the other side is connected to bottom of the engine and I wasn't able to reach that area. I will try next time when I disassemble more parts. This is what I did after failed smog test.

* replaced air filter
* added seafoam to gas tank
* replaced the rubber part ( the picture is above )

This is the result of new smog test.

15mph 25mph
%CO2 15.4 15.4 ( increased than before )
%O2 0.0 0.0 ( decreased than before )
HC 81/81 39/40 ( decreased than before )
CO 0.14/0.47 0.13/0.30 ( mixed )
NO 271/478 64/484 ( decreased than before )

Probably reducing HC would be my homework in next 2 years. It barely passed. I was just lucky.
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