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Don't be a jerk...

As for "search function is your friend. use it next time before asking questions that can take seconds to find the answer to."

Don't be a jerk. While you are at it, how about using proper grammar. No offense, but really, you don't need to be an ass about it.

As for "the e is the "ETA" model. built for gas mileage. even though it won't get your 32mpg claim."

I drove the car for 13 years, and yes, it did get 32 mpg when driving at 55 MPH. If you recall, that was the speed limit from 1986 - 1999. I assure you, it did. I did not believe it myself, so I used to fill it up and use the trip meter and set it to 000, then check it the next time I filled it. Also, I am not an aggressive driver. I don't stomp on the accelerator every time the light turns green.

Having a convertible makes sense for not getting great mileage. Increased wind resistance for one thing, and probably the gear ratio is another. It is impossible for me to compare the highway MPG now because the speed limit is now 70 MPH and I would get run over if I knocked her down to 55... guess I'll never really know. Another theory is ethanol is more common now, but in 1987 it probably was not.

Who knows...
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