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Originally Posted by katanaplanet View Post
PS $25k and 17k? You can replace a lot of parts for that....
I didnt get it?
It looked like those were the prices you paid. For the difference between that and the price a salvage title but running is worth you can buy a lot of parts.

OP knows little about modern cars and nothing about BMWs. There is no "shop manual" published for these cars.... you can purchase online access to the BMW system.

I cannot tell from the picture of the fuse box, but the critical issue is simple: what it LOOKS like is secondary (or tertiary) to how it FUNCTIONS. If traces are burned/melted, then you have a problem. If the If those relays are fouled internally, corroded, then you have a problem.

One major issue would be "did a short circuit at a location below the water line cause a malfunction in a module that was elsewhere?" Without a BMW programming system and access to the BMW schematics, this will be one heck of a challenge.

There is a very good reason these cars sell for so cheap- yes, there is the obvious 'title says flood' issue...but there is the very real issue of "i cannot get it working".

Sometimes it is advantageous to be absolutely clueless as to the difficulty or danger of an undertaking- sometimes.



PS Do you know how the BMW used the various 'busses' for communication? i-bus, k-bus, etc? And how, if these are damaged somewhere on the vehicle, or corrosion gradually causes the signal to degrade, the communication of data will be corrupted...and things wont work...and all the test tools in the world will be useless, becuase they all assume the bus works and you are looking for a defective module. Couple that with a bad module or two, and you have a brick. Like I said, sometimes better not to know.
OE is Original Equipment: aka 'BMW Original Parts"; aka "What you buy at the BMW dealer with a BMW label on it"

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer... EITHER 'the company that made the OE part" or.... 'A part this is identical to the OE part, but is sold by the OEM under their own label,"


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