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32 mpg

As for the 32 MPG, I promise you it certainly did. I recall I bought the car from the Rick Hendrick's in Charleston, SC. It was a year old, and the sales gal told me that she has never seen another BMW get that kind of mileage.

It was a two door car, obviously. I drove it on the highway, not city, every day, up and down I-26. That road is as flat as a pancake, too. The other part is that the speed limit was 55 MPH at that time, and that is what I drove. It was also a stick shift. I always put premium in it, and the gas did not have ethanol, but that should not have anything to do with it.

I have only met one other person with a 325es, and they got the same kind of mileage.

I used to drive about a mile and a half and then jump on the interstate and drive 28 miles to work. I would get to 55 MPH and put her in 5th gear and go... that car was very good to me.
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