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Originally Posted by rudyrov View Post
... I was referring to the gas "Blend" that different states use. I live in AZ and have been told by friends in the industry that for example our neighbor California uses very different gas blends than we do.
I assume that this also applies to premium because my friends have large engines and need the high quality gas to prevent detonation or pinging....
Blends may refer to seasonal or altitudinal or ethanol additives, and these will vary as suitable for their location and regulations. These blends are not a matter of quality and the octane(s) of the blends are maintained.

Some people do not like some blends and prefer plain straight gas. That may be possible in AZ. However, some states require gas with ethanol, some big cities require expensive "reformulated" gas to meet air quality standards, and in winter the refineries serving most of the country put in additives for better starting and moisture absorption. Here is Louisville, KY, we get all three blended in our gas. Those things affect the cost and energy content (mileage) but not the octane(s).

High quality gas is not a meaningful term, and not related to octane. I think the terms premium and super premium make people think they are better or of higher quality than regular. 87 and 93 octane gas do not differ in quality, only in resistance to knocking. Likewise the difference between straight gas and blended gas is not a quality issue.

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