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Originally Posted by StinkyMonkey View Post
Hey all,

First time poster here, long time lurker. Just had to register to get some advice from you all.

Way back in early September I ordered a new 2013 328i to lease. Got it for $500 over invoice with a 62% residual, MF: 0.00150 (with 7 SD). I was told it would arrive in 6-8 weeks as it was coming from Germany.

Well, after a few delays, it finally got here today! Went over to the dealership, discussed the moneys, found out it actually came from SA, thus the timing, and then went to go to see the beauty. It was amazing. Love at first sight kind of thing..exceeeeept for the little detail that it was an automatic. I had ordered a manual transmission....sigh What's actually kind of funny is that I joked around with a buddy of mine about this happening.. not actually believing it was remotely possible!!!

My CA felt incredibly bad. I was super disappointed, but not all that upset. My options were 1) settle with the automatic transmission 2) take another manual car they had in the area that was somewhat close, but still not what I had ordered or 3) reorder from them with the assurance that it would come from Germany and therefore take only 6 weeks with locked in numbers.

I was considering option 1 (it was so beautiful!), but I'm thinking of going with option 3. In the meantime tho, I wanted to ask about the numbers. I thought when coming in today that the numbers we came up with when we ordered the car in Sept were going to carry through today. Not so. The new numbers he gave to me were:

$500 over invoice
60% residual
.00174 base MF (.00125 with 7 SD)
With the holiday discount of $1000

Are these numbers better? Because of this screw up, should I be asking for a better deal or something? I really don't know what to do at this point, if anything. My CA said he could "make it so we cut all the profit from the car," but I'm guessing he meant if I just took the automatic. Anyway, gonna sleep over this and figure out what I should do in the morning. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I would definitely go with option 3.
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