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update / solution to my 1211 code / CEL illumination

I read multiple threads from different websites and saw that many people recommended disconnecting the batter for 20 mins to reset the CEL.

I went out to the car this morning and did exactly that. Half hour later, I connected the battery and started the motor. No more check engine light.

I did, however, park on a hill last night with the front of the car pointing uphill. When I started the car, the oil light came on up on the check panel. Since this is just an oil fill sensor and not oil pressure, I figured the hill had something to do with it. I drove it around the block after checking the dipstick (which was fine) and parked it on the hill again, but aiming downhill. Ten minutes later, the check light went out. My assumption is oil drained out of the little switch in the oil pan.

One thing to note, however. I tried to use the stomp test this morning to see if there was any more codes, and I could not get the stomp test to even work. I'm guessing this has something to do with me disconnecting the battery.

No weekend is complete without four trips to the hardware store. So after that is complete, I will use the stomp procedure this evening to look for any new codes. Hopefully there will be none.

I think this whole thing was caused by me not screwing the gas cap on correctly, and the computer didn't know what code to post, so it gave me the 1211. With any luck my issue has gone for good... and lesson learned.
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