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Originally Posted by kpgray View Post
I have owned a V6 Accord (which my Son drives now) and an Acura TL (just sold), so you are comparing a Honda V6 vs. BMW 328i. Where to start, first the main difference is the xDrive. You live in Washington State so there certainly is an advantage to the AWD. The Accord EX-L MSRP $30,070, BMW 328i xDrive Base $38,500, the Accord is going to have may more standard options than the base BMW, advantage Accord. Mileage, similar (BMW is slightly better but needs premium so they offset), engine performance similar (HP wise). Drive-ability has to go to BMW, no comparison at all, Accord does what it does well, however BMW will excel. I think the better question to ask is if you can afford the extra $10K then you need to test drive both to see IF the extra is worth it to you.

As far as the parts, why does this matter? Are you thinking of modifications of the vehicle? Are you thinking for insurance purposes? BMW does cover all costs for first 50K miles (except tires). If you are thinking modifications, BMW will cost more but has an active factory with many dealer performance parts. I think we need more information on why this comparison?

Final note, A Honda Accord will be a good car but will not be a great car or get much, if any attention. The BMW will be a great car and will get attention.
Insurance is an issue I believe it costs more to cover for the bmw, and I own a accord already so I know what I'm getting. The BMW becomes pricey with the options I would want. The accord is 10K cheaper and they are reliable. However the BMW is a great drive but how is reliability ? It's smaller than the accord and I have a family of 5 with one heading to college so bigger is fine. With gas not lowering in awhile I'm not sure I want to pay for premium all the time no matter how much more it is. I like to save money where I can. It's a tough decision.
I'm not looking for attention, I like to stay low key.

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