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Originally Posted by clinkinfo View Post
There are always a lot of comments about going down to 19 or 18 inch rims for winter, but that's a pain in the rear end - storing them, switching them, etc.

Has anyone actually tried running all seasons on the 20 inch rims? I know they are available, I'm just concerned about the width and it's realistic ability to handle snow.

Any first hand knowledge?

So I figured I'd come back and provide an update.

I'm running the 20 inch staggered setup and I've switched over to the Continental DWS's.

There have been 2 snow storms here in the last week, so if course I've taken the car out to experiment before and after the plows were coming through. I also took my family members 4.8is with the 20's because he has taken the 20's off and put dedicated 19 inch 255 snows). So I have a fairly good comparison reference.

Without snow, the DWS's are fantastic tires. Very smooth ride, good handling, and excellent low noise. A significant improvement over the run flat's that originally were on the car. Absolutely love them.

The great news is, the DWS's are also FANTASTIC in the snow. We took both X5's up the same course and routes and ran into no situation the DWS's couldn't match the dedicated snow's. Slow crawls up steep hills, descents with lots of braking, extreme and controlled handling comparisons. Highway, local roads, back roads. Bottom line, the DWS's are about as close to dedicated snow tires I've experienced in all seasons.

Additionally, I was amazed the 315's didn't seem to have much effect.

My conclusion, for anyone trying to decide if they should go the DWS route or use dedicated snow's, unless you are running in very extreme climates or locations, the DWS's will perform amazingly well even in the 20 inch setup. You can take the comments from the peanut gallery not running them with a very large grain of salt.

For many of us, storing and changing over dedicated snow tires is a pain. The DWS setup in the staggered 20's IMO make that changeover completely unnecessary in my region (about 1 hour north of NYC).

Best of luck!
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