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Originally Posted by south26 View Post
The e30, e28, e24, e23, z1, will not work. I believe the only diffs that will work on the e34 are the e34s and the e32. (maybe the e38). The 525i has a medium diff like the 535i, and 530i. I believe the output flanges on the 525i are different so you would have to change those on diffs from the other cars.
The one from the e34 540 will be different since it is a big diff like the e32.

Here is a link on diffs

Half right half wrong. the E30/E28 etc diffs will not bolt in directly, you will have to swap the back cover plate over which unbolts. the body and inside of the diff is the same. seeing as you already have an E34 diff, buying an E28 etc diff is a possible solution. just make sure its a medium case diff. one from a 6 cylinder E32 or E34 will bolt straight in

if your car was a V8 E34, then it would have a large case diff, and your only option would be an E34 540i or E32 740i/740iL/750iL diff

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