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Originally Posted by SD Z4MR View Post
Last year we noticed that the trunk light in our '11 335is turned itself after some undetermined period of time. ... I definitely didn't know it was known as "workshop mode".

(Did you spill something in your trunk?)
That's normal operation, or so I believed. You have no doubt noticed the cabin lights also turn off after a short time (5-10 minutes I think). That is why I was so surprised to see the cargo lamp still lit after close to an hour. I thought it was on the same or a similar timer.

Workshop mode disables the cabin lights so they are unaffected by opening and closing doors. To activate it, turn on the interior lights, then press and hold the master light switch (in the roof console) until the lights turn off. The doors may now be opened and closed repeatedly without turning on the cabin lights, while you work in & around the car (hence the name). To resume normal operation the lights must be turned on manually at the master switch or by turning on the ignition.

It's a handy feature that's been around since at least the E36. It avoids unnecessary battery drain & lamp on/off cycles during extended work periods where you might be in & out of the car a lot.

As to the spill...I really should have allowed tonight's fourth passenger to sit with his feet astride the full gallon of premixed windshield washer fluid. I moved it to the trunk and at some point the very well-secured cap turned out to be not very well-secured at all. So now my trunk is, to all appearances, in my den, drying out after vacuuming. The car is sitting with rear doors and trunk open (in shop mode) to air out the few sodden bits I could not remove.

Words cannot express how relieved I am that I discovered this before the spill reached any of the underfloor electronics. On the plus side, it's BMW fluid so the car smells great....
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