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Originally Posted by abbott View Post
what type of conditions have you tested them in (i.e. depth of snow, etc.)?

I want to take mine up to mountains for ski trips in Tahoe, and I have experienced significant snow fall in my previous vehicle, so I'm skeptical of the handling and performance of a 20" tire in challenging conditions.

I assume you have the same tires? If not, this assessment does not apply, this is my specific experience with the continental DWS's on the 20 inch staggered setup, it will not translate to any other tires, so please don't read it as a generalized statement about all 20 inch setups.

Tires are almost new (under 2000 miles). Unplowed to about 8 inches, and of course all conditions between that depth and different degrees of plowing. Packed down, loose, etc. The temperature fluctuated over the day/night between roughly 26 and 30. Heavy snow falling during most of the playing. We sought out the most difficult roads we could find. The largest crawling incline/decline slope was very exaggerated and quite unrealistic for most normal driving, a paved but unplowed private entrance.

As I indicated, the width was a surprising non-issue, which was my largest concern. And i had another x5 with me with dedicated 255 snows for direct comparison. We switched back and forth driving both cars and for what it's worth, all 3 drivers had the same reaction/opinion.
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