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Question Getting rid of 650, need advice

Unfortunately, I will be getting rid of my 07 650i (sport package, premium package, cold weather package). The car has been amazing and is the best vehicle I have owned, however I am going to be moving and need a vehicle that is AWD for winter commuting. My current commute is about 15 min and my new commute will be close to an hour.

However, I am having trouble deciding what to buy next. I test drove an 09 535xi with premium package (no sport package) and was very underwhelmed. It was a nice car, but it wasn't anywhere near as quick as the 6 and I felt like I was sitting high.

Right now I am stuck in terms of what to get into next. Some background info on me (late 20's, 6'3", no kids, moving to NYC). I'm looking to lay out very little money (a couple grand) on the trade of my 6 for the next car.

Here is what I am looking at (note: I'm looking at an 2008-2010 model for all):

Pro: Just as fast (if not faster) then 6. Fuel efficient. cheapest of all to maintain.
Con: Small interior. Looks aren't that impressive (still a 3) and doesn't turn heads. Feels like a kids car and being tall I fee like a bit of a clown getting out of a small vehicle. RFTs

Pro: larger interior, feels more like a grown up car.
Con: slowest of the 3 listed here. RFTs

Audi S5:
Pro: Design wise it is the nicest of the 3(IMHO). Similar performance to 335. No RFTs
Con: V8 engine isn't great for commuting.

What would you all pick as your next vehicle if you were in my situation?
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