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Amazed by the ' (un)reliability ' comments about this SUV.

I have posted a couple of questions regarding which luxury SUV is 'THE ONE" to buy.

What I find -almost astounding - is the number of comments that say something like 'Well now that the X5 is 7 years old - it is finally quite reliable and all the bugs have been worked out so you can feel confident about buying one." Or" I bought or would recommend that you buy today's version rather than the first year of the gen three -X5. Never buy a first year BMW."
If that was said about any other brand - especially a LUXURY- high dollar brand it would be a death blow to sales and would quickly go off the "To be considered" list.

That said- I am also not sure this worry is appropriate-at least in re: the upcoming Gen three X5.
The 8 speed tranny has been around for quite a while now and is -as far as I know rock solid. The 4 and 6 cylinder twin turbo motors & diesel have also been around for a long time - and they seem to be reliable.
I assume this tranny and these motors along with some hybrid will be the power trains offered in Gen 3. My guess is , if anything, they may have tinkered with all of the above to squeeze a few more miles out of a gallon of fuel . That's a good thing.

So where is the disconnect? What goes wrong with these cars? What is the basis of this
seeming 'consensus' that one has to accept a degree of unreliability if one wants to drive a bimmer?
P.S. I'm still loving my 528iX - quirks and all.
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