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Issues with Shutting engine off, and Automatic Door Locks

Hi all,

After having a few days to drive my X1 around and configure some settings, I noticed that shutting down / exiting the car seems to be a lengthy process, or maybe I'm just missing something?

First, I have to press the engine start/stop button twice: Once to shut the engine off, and then a second time to shut down the radio and everything else. Otherwise, when I get out and shut the door, all this stuff is still on.

I also have my doors set to automatically lock after I start driving. Problem is, they don't automatically unlock when I am done driving.

So basically my shutdown procedure involves pressing the start button to stop the engine; pressing it again to stop the radio; then pressing the central door lock/unlock button so I can open my door. If I don't do this, then I have to use the door handle twice; once to unlock the door, and a second time to open it. havign to routinely press three buttons seems unnecessarily complex for shutting down the car and exiting it.

Am I missing something, or is ending your drive with the X1 really this complicated? Are the doors supposed to unlock when you've shut everything down? On my other cars, shutting down / unlocking / exiting the vehicle is decidedly simple (only one button press - which stops the car, shuts off radio/etc upon door opening, and unlocks doors) and doesn't require a "checklist." Anything I can do to simplify this at all?

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