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I cant see the pictures, but dont have a FB account...

First, sorry about this. Bummer. I call them Rats with Antlers. Fing PITA.

Good news is that this isn't chargeable- it should be comprehensive and not collision (I think, this is true in CA if not most states)

Bad news is that there is no DV.

Here is the big issue: Will the repairs impact the rollover/crashworthiness of the car? Any time it get into the structural pillars I get concerned. YOU will not make any headway on this with your insurer...but if you find a SHOP with a knowledgeable tech who is on YOUR SIDE, they can press the issues with the insurance. Make sure whoever you take it to will have your back at the end of the day. If it is one of your insurers ""Certfiied Shops" recognize that they can be conflicted by the volume of other business that comes from the insurer.

So, Hood, roof, sunroof, pillars, rear driver side door, 2x glass. Will need to paint: bumper, 2 fenders, hood, roof, entire driver side. (to blend colors) I think you are low on the estimate....

Post pics here too. And update us on the process.

Again, sorry.


PS Wife nailed a deer in the MDX. Before I had a chnace to drop in at the body shop the following weem, I was driving it and a deer RAN INTO THE SIDE of the car. Two separate claims. The insurnace agent didnt even blink- "Yup, that time of year"

PPS You may wish to take a series of pictures to document the work, for eventual resale, etc, etc......
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