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Originally Posted by s420merc View Post
So how do you listen through the car speakers with Pandora
Well, for now I only have one way to do this... since I don't have iDrive, I had to buy BMW's specific iPhone aux cable to connect my phone directly to the car via the aux ports just ahead of the shifter. Once this is done, I start Pandora on my phone, and then with the car's radio / head unit, select the "Aux" input source. At this point, the radio should pick up the feed from your phone (be it Pandora, or stored music you have on there) and play it over the speakers.

However, there is a device out there called the Blackberry Media Gateway which can simplify things a bit, allowing you to get Pandora to your car's stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth. (Again, this is if you don't have iDrive). I have one on order, and it should be here in a few days. It should alleviate the need for attaching and unattaching my phone every single time I drive the car.

Now if your car has iDrive, I believe you can stream music directly via bluetooth without the need for gateways or cables, but I don't know how that is accomplished.
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