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Originally Posted by mdsbuc View Post
My music is all stored as mp3s. Is there any downside to using a thumb drive in the armrest instead of an iPod? If so, how difficult is it to convert mp3 files to a format playable through an iPod?
Your MP3 collection is ready to go into an iPod, no conversion necessary.

The beauty of having an iPod instead of a thumb drive is that the iPod sync's to iTunes which is the best way to organize your music, clean up the names/artists, and create Playlists which are like cassette mix-tapes and what many of us listen to exclusively. It also has a turn-key sync to iDrive so that your genres, artists, albums, and songs are easy to navigate to without additional configuration and file/folder management.

You can save a few dollars by putting the songs on a thumb drive, but the iPod is really the way to go because of how easy it makes it to organize your collection. You can get a beater iPod Touch off of Craigslist for under $50.


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