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Originally Posted by enig44 View Post
Why not just transfer your ipod into the car's hardrive? I plugged in to the glove box USB and it transferred all the songs right to the car so they are always there and you don't need to leave the touch plugged in. Only negative is you don't have playlists.
Not only do you lose Playlists (which is a major concession) but you constantly have to shuttle new music out to your car via a thumb drive.

With an iPod Touch and it's wi-fi sync, you can leave your car and the iPod in the garage, launch iTunes on your notebook, and sync over wi-fi without ever taking the iPod out of the armrest.

And since iCloud keeps track of your purchases, you can be 100 miles from home, park at a Starbucks, snarf their free wi-fi, and download songs straight into your car's iPod without ever leaving the drivers seat or buying a latte.

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