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Originally Posted by SWISS View Post
Are you talking about the 16 button code feature disable? If you already jumpered the wires on the little black box with the green plugs it should be fine. I woudn;t stress over it causing any damage, when the code is input it simply closes the circuit you bypassed.
Thanks Mate.... Not sure about the 16 button code feature, all I know is the the single button switch desintegrated and the little spring went flying but it is a small black box.

Also I'm pretty sere it isn't a BMW immobiliser but there is an old phone number from the company that put it in, however it doesn't look like a current number (only 7 digits)

Anyway I'm pretty sure it will be O.K but I still want an auto electrician to look at it... just look at it though those guys charge like a wounded bull.
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