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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
You're confusing the Audi group (Audi, Lamborghini, Ducati) with VAG group (all the brands)

Comparing the Touareg's hybrid system to the SHAWD hybrid system is poor because one is a full mechnanical system, whereas the Acura system is essentially FWD with electric motors on the back wheels. (Lexus and Toyota do this exact same thing in the RX450h and Highlander Hybrid).
I acknowledge that I mentioned audi group rather than VAG group.

However if you look at the powertrain and also alot of the components of say an Audi, Volkwagen, Porsche, the parts are so very similar. If you compare the Touareg;s hybrid system to the porsche, their essentially the same component, stamped with a different logo maybe painted differently. However in the combustion engine of the Touareg, a lot of the components stuck beneath the plastic engine covers are lifted straight off the Audi parts rack. So in my book although the group is formally known as VAG group, I really consider it the Audi group, since all of their parts are designed in house first at audi, modified later in the each of the brands. It`s what Audi is known for (i.e Lamborghini before and after the acquisition into VAG).

In regards to the mechanical hybrid vs the SH-AWD system. I look at it as the following. When your purchasing a hybrid, its just that a hybrid. Yes the way the define the hybrid system in a Touareg vs the Acura maybe be different, but essentially it gets hybrid sticker on its rear. In addition the Touareg's hybrid system has years of racing experience built into it, so I would expect it to be of a higher standard than say Prius/highlander/RX. The only system I feel comparable to the touareg's system is the active hybrid system offered by BMW (sadly not in the X5 as of late), and the upcoming SH-AWD system since it shows tons of promise in the way the system is designed. It also essentially lightens the vehicle weight, and you have three independent drive systems. This may turn out to be a blessing or a huge failure for Acura, but well see. Currently the only qualified system in order of performance pleasure are Porsche and then VW.
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